So as to offer the optimum quality of service, we develop an efficient collaboration with different partners, such as or Asaré Consulting.

This local network is invaluable to provide you with competence, professionalism and comfort. In parallel with institutional networks, we select other partners who share the same perspective. The latter is summed up in the following quote « On your own, you can go faster.Together, we can go further. »

Rigour and relevance are the two values that guide our choices when selecting our partners. "selection" is not an empty word. It starts from the very beginning of a collaboration and strenghtens over time. It is based on trust and thus ensures an offer of highly relevant services : finding accommodation, enrolling in a school, searching for an employment for your spouse, dealing with administrative procedures...

We do everything in our power to make your life easier and allow you to settle in with complete peace of mind.

Our group of partners stems from a network that has been built up locally, nationally and even internationally. Our expertise in this field is recognized by all our clients.